Harry Potter actor Leslie Phillips dies aged 98

Actor Leslie Phillips, who passed away at the age of 98 after a long illness, has received tributes. He voiced the “sorting hat” in Harry Potter, featured with Angelina Jolie in the Tomb Raider movie, and appeared in a number of other movies and TV shows.

The sad passing of the adored veteran actor was announced on Wednesday. Leslie, who had previously survived two strokes, died on Monday after a protracted illness.

Salutations flooded in. Stuart Antony, an actor, said: “Leslie Phillips CBE, who was fantastic, has passed away. Aged 98. The kindest man I’ve ever met, a great actor, and a true gentleman. The best stories came from him. Farewell, Leslie Phillips.”

In addition, Phillips participated in World War 2 as a Second Lieutenant in the Royal Artillery starting in 1943. At the youthful age of 14, the seasoned actor made his West End theatrical debut. Eighty years later, in Harry Potter, he made his final appearance as the beloved sorting hat voice.

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