Top 5 Best Influencer Marketing Platforms To Boost Your Brand And Increase Sales

Influencer marketing platforms provide assistance to make managing and collaborating with influencers easier for agencies and companies.

A software program created to help brands with their influencer marketing campaigns is known as an influencer marketing platform.

Brands and agencies can use influencer discovery tools from influencer marketing platforms.

Some of these platforms also offer large, searchable databases of potential influencers.

Others favor an opt-in system for influencers, where the platform’s personnel can screen potential influencers and make sure they are sincere and eager to collaborate with companies.

Influencer marketing, campaign management, influencer marketplaces, third party analytics, and influencer content amplification are some of the most recent additions to influencer platforms’ product offerings.

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Influencer Marketing Platforms

Influencer Marketing

(1) #Paid

Traditional influencer marketing models are avoided by #paid. One of the first platforms to target advertising for the various stages of your sales funnel was this one.

It also acknowledges that influencers are in that position because of the excellent content they produce, which has helped them develop a following.

According to #paid, influencers should produce engaging content and be a good fit for a business. Reach is not nearly as significant as this.

Similar to other influencer marketplaces, marketers can utilize #paid to develop campaign briefs that outline the objectives of the campaign, the range of the needed content, and some information about the perfect creator.

However, when choosing their perfect influencers, brands have more options. In order to leverage particular content creators and creators with sponsored Facebook and Instagram advertisements, they can use whitelisted ads.

Connecting to Facebook Advertising Manager is simple, and you can effortlessly push ads into feeds and timelines using the creator’s handle.

Because it doesn’t originate from the brand’s account, the shared material will still bear the Sponsored Post designation but will come across as more genuine.

Using a Handraise, influencers can indicate their interest in taking part in a brand’s promotions. They show attention by “raising” their hand.

Potential influencers provide a message outlining their potential strategy as well as why they think they are a suitable fit for a campaign. The #paid team screens each creator who submits a pitch.

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(2) FYI(Find Your Influence)

With its headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona, Find Your Influence (also known as FYI) is an all-in-one influencer marketing solution that was established in 2013.

It combines in-depth marketing knowledge with unique technology to support businesses and agencies in identifying influencers, managing campaigns, and tracking KPIs.

On several social media channels, their influencer network posts articles on a range of topics.

However, before people can sign up for the FYI network, their social media usage is evaluated and suitably scored.

In addition, they provide talent management services and, if you can’t find the right influencer on your own, they can find them for you.

When creating your campaign, you may include a list of social media networks that your target group favors, which makes it a great tool.

Then, after you’ve identified influencers for your campaign, it provides a variety of interaction tools to guarantee smooth communication.

If you require further assistance from people, they also have a Managed Services team available to assist you in putting your influencer marketing initiatives into action and guaranteeing success.

(3) NeoReach

NeoReach was born in a Stanford University class where Jesse Leimgruber, the company’s current CEO, and Misha Talavera, its current CMO, developed the concept for a digital marketing platform that would link brands with social media influencers.

Leimgruber and Talavera were admitted into Stanford’s accelerator program when the concept gained enough traction to be the seed for NeoReach’s development.

Through their platform, NeoReach uses an algorithm to index data that is mined from the social web. The NeoReach database includes 3,000,000 new influencers thanks to this.

(4) Creator IQ

CreatorIQ uses technology to address issues that have long plagued the business, such as follower fraud, inflated reach metrics, and fake/mercenary influencers, in addition to simplifying the influencer marketing process.

Among its clientele are several well-known companies including Disney, Tiffany & Co., Unilever, Dell, and Ralph Lauren.

The smallest clients on their published list make an average of $100 million a year, and they explicitly admit that the majority of their clients are enormous corporations.

CreatorIQ interfaces with social platform APIs directly, and its AI-powered algorithm examines more than 1 billion public social accounts before comparing them to a set of standards to determine whether they should be added to the platform database. Currently, the system has indexed more than 15 million creator accounts.

In terms of capabilities and reach, CreatorIQ is extensive. The AI analyzes every individual component of any given piece of content, including the image itself, the location, mentions, and even emojis, and draws conclusions based on logic. Because of these, the influences it spotlights are always highly pertinent.

Each influencer is given a “Integrity Quotient” by the AI, which can be used to determine how sincere (or not) an audience is.

Once you’ve determined which influencers you want to collaborate with, send them an email inviting them to join your network.

They might sign up and go through the onboarding procedure. It all has the appearance, feel, and behavior of a personalized influencer marketplace.

(5) MavRck

As with other influencer marketing tools, Mavrck may be used to uncover influencers, but you can also use it to analyze your current clientele to identify people who have enough online clout to serve as deserving brand champions. If you want, you can even include your staff in the mixture.

By exploring Mavrck’s database of influencers on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, and blogs, you can find influencers.

You can locate influencers by audience demographics like age, gender, and geography in addition to searching by these social networks.

Once you’ve identified the right combination of influencers, customers, and employees, you can engage them on all the social media platforms described above, as well as TikTok and Twitch.

You can ask them to carry out straightforward tasks for you or to produce more intricate stuff, including videos.

The management of tens of thousands of influencer relationships is then made simple for you via Mavrck.

In fact, because it is programmatic, you can tailor every aspect of the campaign workflow, from handling influencer contracts to giving content input and measuring results.

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