Muslim organisation launches a campaign to stop violence against Women

An Islamic organization, Nasrul-lahi-li Fathi Society of Nigeria (NASFAT) on Wednesday commenced campaign to halt violence against women in society.

NASFAT, an Islamic prayer group, with a focus on women and youths embarked on the campaign in collaboration with the UNICEF, EU-UN Spotlights Initiative to halt women violence.

NASFAT President, Alhaji Mumin Niyi-Yusuf, addressing the participants in Lagos, said the three-month campaign would be tailored to local dwellers.

Niyi-Yusuf said the campaign with the theme: “Ending Violence against Women and Girls,” would sensitize participants on violence against the women fold.

He said the association would align with the Held Policy Thrust of NASFAT that focused on health, education, and livelihood.

According to him, violence affects women and girls in every stratum of Nigeria.

Women and children, especially girls from all social backgrounds, religions, and cultures may experience violence.

“It occurs in schools, institutions such as orphanages, other residential care settings, and prisons.

On the streets and in the workplace. Children also experience violence at home, within their family, from community leaders, and by other children.

Many children, especially girls, are exposed to gender-based violence and harmful practices, including female genital mutilation, female infanticide, and child marriage.

Available data reveals that one in four girls in Nigeria have experienced sexual violence while 20 percent of women and girls are circumcised before the age of five.

The data also revealed that 19 percent of girls in Nigeria are married before the age of 15, thereby exposing them to the risk of sexually transmitted infection, cervical cancer, vesicovaginal fistula, and maternal mortality.

“Sadly, the data also revealed that violence is rarely an isolated event,” he said.

He added that Islam encourages good treatment, concern, and care for women and children, and hence an entire chapter was dedicated to women in the Holy Scripture.

Niyi-Yusuf said the organization would establish district help desks and contact phone lines to assist victims in the area of rehabilitation and prosecution of violators of women and girls. 

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