Neo advises Ozo to dump Nengi

Neo has advised Ozo on what to do with his love interest, Nengi.

Ozo, who has been after Nengi since they entered the House, has not relented in his efforts to have her as his girlfriend.

However, Neo whose relationship with Vee is troubled, has advised Ozo to move on from Nengi since she’s not giving any chances for relationship.

Neo told Ozo a lot of girls outside the House won’t think twice before jumping on him once he leaves.

“You are a great guy. If someone is not treating you well, just pack your loads and go. Give yourself some accolades man,” Neo began.

Neo advises Ozo to dump Nengi

“See how you look with all the sexiness and just stop following someone that will keep treating you as trash.

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“Just face your hustle and do your things. A lot of people outside this house will want to be with you”.

Kiddwaya had also advised Ozo to focus on himself and make money first if he wants Nengi.

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