Pete Davidson bags new endorsement as ‘Manscaped Razor’ Spokesman – Stars in Manscaped Ad

Pete Davidson has a new endorsement deal under his belt, one that focuses on this topic.

The comedian appears in a new commercial for Manscaped, a male grooming company that specializes in sensitive areas. The ad is pretty funny… it’s a collection of outtakes of PD giving his freestyle pitch, which doesn’t appear to be scripted.

Among the lines: “Surprise your girlfriend!” “Let’s show them how hairless we can be, boys.” “Presentation is important. Don’t force me to be specific because I will.”

Pete Davidson bags new endorsement as 'Manscaped Razor' Spokesman - Stars in Manscaped Ad

And, of course, a straightforward one… “You should shave your d***. Baby, shave it.” He concludes by saying he has a hot date and that he’s been using Manscaped for long enough that he’s decided it’s time to go into business together.

In addition to the money he’ll receive as the new face – among other parts, as he puts it – for the next four years, Pete has also agreed to become an actual shareholder in Manscaped… indicating that he clearly sees value in the brand.

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