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How Thomas The Train Can Impact Your Kids Positively

Thomas the train, has been around for ages and still progressing in the lives of kids. I could remember growing up as a kid I’ve always enjoyed watching this cartoon series. However, now that we are now older, it is time we pass that to our younger ones, as this cartoon series has all it takes to teach and empower young kids both psychologically and intellectually.

We all know that parents are the individuals that people listen to the least, so sometimes this may be really challenging! For instance, just like the two kids in my neighborhood, they seem to listen to everyone but not their parents, although I never knew why were like that.

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But fortunately they loved watching cartoon series, when I discovered I started introducing them to the Thomas the train series, and now they’ve started adjusting in some key areas of their lives.

Thomas the train in the Thomas and friends series is seen to potray a positive character which may impact your kids, because the brain of kids are like magnets they easily attract whatever they’re been taught or what the see other people doing. Who wouldn’t want to listen to a cheerful blue train and his companions as they made fun of themselves while imparting wisdom?

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I just feel happy writing this article, because it brings back old memories of me when I was a kid, i could remember once the ‘Thomas and friends’ starts we’ll start singing along the opening scene song of the series; “They’re Two, They’re Four, They’re Six, They’re Eight.” Hilarious right?

Till date the series still holds a special place in my hearts. However, there are toys that portray some characters of this series like thomas the train, which you may choose to get for your kids.

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However, there is a Thomas and friends toy-set known as TrackMaster. You can get the toy for your kids, it may help teach them some life lessons that may go with them for the rest of their lives.

However, by now you should’ve gotten an inch about what the series is all about, now it’s time to know what your kids will benefit from the series, likewise playing with the toy-sets too!

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Benefits Of Thomas The Train To Kids

Thomas the train

1. Promotes Mental And Physical Growth

I could remember when my two younger siblings got their Thomas & Friends TrackMaster, Monkey Palace Set, they were so excited and unboxed it.

However, after purchasing the toy-set assembling may not be difficult as both opening and assembly are simple.

However, for kids it provides engaging, enjoyable play that can promote mental and physical growth. There are many different visual and tactile stimuli provided by the sights, colors, and textures of the toy-set; the track is bright yellow in color, Thomas is bright blue, and his wagon is green.

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2. Improves And Develops Their Motor Skills

Their fine motor skills are being developed as they handle the train and as they also put the track pieces together. Watching the monkeys grip onto the tree branch and swing back around is a delightful aspect of toyset set since it develops their thinking abilities and cause-and-effect interest.

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Additionally, as kids accompany Thomas on his voyage, it can help stimulate their imaginations and promote healthy emotional relationships. Right? Who would have imagined that a toy train could accomplish such a feat? It does, though.

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3. It’s Entertaining And Educative

Its entertaining to watch, personally I enjoyed watching it and I’ll recommend it for your kids. However, ages 3 to 7 are the right target audience for this series. The Thomas and friends cartoon series toy kits are very ideal for anyone with children that love toys.

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