World Health Organization (WHO) celebrates World AIDS Day (#WorldAIDSDay) Today with Important Information’s about HIV / AIDS

World Health Organization (WHO) celebrates #WorldAIDSDay Today with Important Information's about HIV / AIDS

Today being dedicated as the World AIDS DAY (#WorldAIDSDay), the World Health Organization (WHO) shares amazing information’s regarding the HIV / AIDS and many ways to prevent its spread among one another as well as enlighten the public more on reasons why we all need to stop the stigmatization among those who are already HIV positive within our societies.

Following a recent tweet from the World Health Organization (WHO), they thanked all the community health workers, nurses, doctors, scientists & everybody involved in the fight against #HIV around stating that they are at the forefront playing a key part in supporting people living with HIV & helping to end AIDS.

According to them, Despite the #COVID19 pandemic, the number of countries reporting disruptions in #HIV services has declined by almost 75% since June thanks to the unstinting work of health and community workers.

They requested that on #WorldAIDSDay & beyond, you can take part & stand up against #HIV related stigma & discrimination by:

(1) Listening to people living with HIV

(2) Educating yourself & others

(3) Speaking out against stereotypes

Because just like almost everyone fears or believes, You will NOT get #HIV from:

(1) Standing by your friend

(2) Drinking tea together

(3) Hugging

(4) Shaking hands

(5) Showing that you care

Meanwhile although #HIV doesn’t spread through a hug or handshake. BUT hugs and handshakes increase the risk of #COVID19 infections spreading. So during this pandemic, show you care from a distance!… they advised.

Check out their amazing tweet and words of encouragement below:

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