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10 Unknown Health Benefits of Potatoes

Potatoes underwent low popularity for many years, suffering from an unfavorable reputation as food source rich in carbohydrates. More recently, scientific studies have revealed that potatoes should not be shunned.

They should be embraced instead for offering a rich source of minerals including phosphorus, calcium and zinc, as well as B6, B, and C vitamins.

The glycoprotein patatin is also found in spuds. These lipolytic enzymes can aid in everyday health by decreasing high blood pressure and effectively working as an antioxidant.

Sweet potatoes can either be consumed as baked potato, potato salad, mashed potatoes and many more…

Why Potatoes?

Even though potatoes have sustained a somewhat tainted reputation, they are still one of the most-often used ingredients in recipes spanning breakfast through lunch and they have a vast health benefits, which are listed below:

1) Positive Effect on Diabetes

Those with diabetes are always worried about raising blood glucose levels and so they avoid potatoes’ natural sugar content.

In fact, avoidance isn’t necessary, but portion control is. Carbohydrates can be a healthy part of any diabetic meal plan when incorporated in correct portions.

Talk to a doctor about managing diabetes through ideal servings.

2) Enhance General Health

The common thought is potatoes cause weight gain yet their caloric value is actually fairly low making them a good choice for meals.

Potatoes also provide sustenance so feelings of hunger are averted for longer periods.

They also provide a decrease in cholesterol levels because they are half soluble and half insoluble.

3) Remedy Bruising

For centuries, potatoes have been used for treating sprains, bruises, ulcers, and even burns, aiding in the healing process. They can also reduce the onset of skin ailments and the effects of narcotics.

Studies have shown that potatoes are part of a group of cancer-fighting foods used to fight cancer of the uterus and prostate.

4) Relieve Stress

Stress on the body and mind can be eased by ingesting potatoes; cellular renewal is boosted by the rich source of vitamin B6 in potatoes.

The creation of adrenaline hormones, which aid in fighting stress, is just one major benefit.

They also produce GABA (Gamma Amino Butyric Acid), a hormone that can also reduce stress and help the brain ready itself for relaxation or sleep.

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5) Diminish Inflammation

Those who suffer from chronic internal or external inflammation can reap the benefits potatoes provide for this ailment.

The make-up of a soft, baked potato is easily digestible, alleviating the digestive system from irritation.

To ease any external inflammation, simply rub a raw potato on the affected areas including any ulcers that may be found in the mouth.

10 Unknown Health Benefits of Potatoes

6) Improve Brain Functions

Day to day activities and general health can be influenced greatly by adding potatoes into your diet.

The high amounts of copper and iron, also known for boosting brain activity, are an added benefit.

Preparing a baked potato and eating it, skin and all and without salt, can lead to an improved memory.

Manganese, potassium, and vitamin B6 and C are each known to assist in functions of the brain while nerve centers respond positively to the fatty acids and amino acids found in potatoes.

7) Alleviate Kidney Stones

Raised uric acid levels in the blood is the main contributor of kidney stones.

The hard masses of calcium crystals in urine can create painful stones that are excruciating to pass.

Those suffering from kidney stones can find many extra benefits from ingesting the entire potato peel, a rich source of such relieving nutrients as alkaline salts and the aforementioned copper, manganese, potassium, and B-vitamins.

8) High Fiber Content

Eating high-fiber foods can be one of the best ways to achieve weight-loss success.

Potatoes are a top high-fiber food and one of the best ingredients to use in moderation.

While potatoes can be beneficial to your health, preparing them in a healthy way is crucial.

Baking them is one of the best ways to reap all the  nutritional benefits.

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9) Keep Diseases at Bay

Decrease the risks of cancer, aid digestion, combat heart disease, and avoid common disorders in the nervous system, all by eating potatoes.

10) Treat Your Skin

Treating skin ailments with potatoes is an inexpensive and natural way to look your best.

Try a potato juice facial by topically applying it, or use sliced potatoes on eyelids to reduce the appearance of dark circles and swelling.

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