12 Freelance Skills that are in the Highest Demand

Let us discuss about the 12 freelance skills that are in the highest demand and can generate you great income below. There are some unique personal skills you posses that can earn you huge income either daily, weekly or on monthly basis depending on how you decided to scheduled to offer those services to your customers and they include but not limited to the following:

1) Internet Research

Internet research is a very huge field. As the term implies, it implies researching into free data available on the Internet. Additionally, it also covers researching data received by various websites that are commonly called data analytics.

Internet research and all its related fields are also part of the e-commerce industry. Hence, anyone with these skills will find themselves in demand right now.The topmost Internet research skills in demand right now involve browsing through voluminous data and creating websites that offer better content that is accurate, workable and provable.

Other functions include analyzing metrics of a website such as a number of unique visitors and their location, preference for a time or day, product or service and time spent on the website, among others.

2) Editor

Editors do not necessarily mean as in newspapers or magazines. There are several types of freelance editors required by various businesses. Topmost among them are video editors. This is because lots of businesses nowadays open a free YouTube channel to reach their target audience. Another skill in high demand right now is blog editors that can edit content, insert keywords and make it compatible with search engine optimization.

Further, companies that have in-house publications also look for freelance editors. Since their publications are published at monthly or quarterly frequencies, they do not require fulltime editors. Hence, they outsource the job to freelancers.

3) Virtual Assistant

Being a virtual assistant requires no specialized training or certifications, so it’s one of the most attractive options for freelance newbies. The potential client base is quite large: entrepreneurs, coaches, executives, authors, etc., in a variety of industries. They all need assistance with administrative tasks like appointment setting, email handling, travel logistics, and so on.

While these are relatively simple tasks, it helps to know how to provide the best value as a virtual assistant in order to maximize your earnings. Plus, investing in training will help you stand out from the multitudes of virtual assistants who are already offering similar services.

4) Data Entry

Data entry is a very common skill. In fact, it is very basic and can be performed by almost anyone with a basic language and computer skills. Despite, it is one of the topmost freelance skills which are in demand right now. Data entry is popular worldwide as a source of earning high income despite its very basic nature of work.

Data entry generally involves high typing speed. And it also involves accuracy. While there are plenty of data entry jobs available, only those having excellent skills are preferred by top foreign and Indian employers. Working as freelance data entry operator is indeed a lucrative profession nowadays. Additionally, several crowdsourced projects for data entry are also available nowadays.

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5) Web Designing

Web designing has been ruling the freelance job market for quite some time and its position will remain unchanged over coming years. This is again due to rising e-commerce worldwide. Businesses small and large that do not have a significant presence on the Internet will find survival difficult in coming years. Hence, there is a rush of sorts to have one or more websites.

Further, web designing is a freelance skill which is in demand right now due to the fact that buying a domain name, website hosting and other essentials is fairly inexpensive nowadays. Other than businesses, a lot of high net-worth individuals also open websites as their personal blog or for fanfare outreach.

6) Content Writer

Another excellent freelance skill in demand right now is content writing. The job is very complex. Other than great writing skills combined with expert level fluency in English or another major language, it involves extensive research, touch with news and current affairs, high degree comprehension and general knowledge.

In brief, content writing appears easy but is a rather tough profession for any freelancer who wants to make decent money in the highly competitive sector.A search on any good freelance jobs website will reveal there is a huge demand for content writers.

This is because businesses and blogs require superior quality content that is unique and interesting to readers. Though India is not a native English speaking country, the demand for content writers is very high from foreign clients.

7) Spreadsheets

Who knew that Excel would be such a useful skill? Data is king in business, so freelancers who can organize, analyze, and present data are highly sought after. And I’m not talking about ordinary spreadsheet formulas.

What potential clients are looking for are people who are adept at creating pivot tables, using VLOOKUPs, and gathering valuable insights from a massive amount of data.

It’s not rocket science; you can learn advanced Excel functionality in a matter of weeks. All you need is an analytical mind, an eye for details, and a willingness to take up courses like this one.

8) Accounting

Soaring real estate prices have rendered it impossible for small and medium businesses to buy or lease their own offices. Consequently, they operate from much smaller premises. Regular employees are encouraged to work as telecommuters while several other essential functions are outsourced to freelancers either singly or as crowd-sourced projects.

Accounting is one of the freelance skills in demand right now because businesses cannot have full-time staff at their office. Small and medium businesses do not require full-time accountants to manage their daily finances. Hence, they look for freelancers that can perform these duties.

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9) Graphics Designing

Graphic designing is a skill that has always thrived on freelancing. Indeed, lots of freelancers are working on very high profile projects- for topmost brands of the world- even while you are reading this article. This is made possible by crowd-sourcing.

That graphic designing is a top freelance skill in demand right now is proven by the fact that almost every crowd-sourcing platform on the Internet welcomes freelancers.

Surveys around the world also indicate that graphic designing is a task that will be increasingly sourced from freelancers in future. Companies do not require a graphic designer all the time. Also, sourcing the work from freelancers allows businesses to get newer types of designs to suit their requirements since everyone has a unique style.

10) Customer Service

Freelancing as a customer support representative is actually a pretty good idea. It involves interacting with customers over the phone or online, so you can do it from home. You can even have this as a side hustle since some companies need customer support after the usual office hours.

Customer service requires strong soft skills like communication, negotiation, and the ability to deal with emotionally charged situations. And these skills can definitely be learned.

11) Consultancy

A lot of professionals have given up full-time jobs to open their own freelance consultancy businesses. Other than allowing flexibility or work, it also enables professionals to earn extra income.

Topmost consultancies in the freelance sector include architecture, law, various streams of engineering, advertising and marketing, financial management and human resources development among others. Regardless of the specialization, running a consultancy is a freelance skill which is in demand right now. Foreign companies looking at opening ventures in India look for local consultants that can provide the required advice and services.

12) Recruiter

Make in India and Skill India programs launched by the Indian government have spurred many foreign companies to search for talent in this country. These employers look to freelancers that can help fulfill their human resources requirements by interviewing and selecting the best possible candidates for a job. The demand is highest in the IT sector followed by medicine and engineering.

Freelance recruiters are generally professionals from a sector. They are aware of the needs of the industry and emerging trends. Hence, their services come handy when a company is entering the Indian market or looking for professionals to work on foreign assignments. It is one of the freelance skills in great demand right now among both, Indian companies and foreign ones.

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