5 Top Soft Skills to make you more Marketable for Jobs

Getting a nice and well-paid job after school in any part of the world is the dream of every graduate youth out there and appears very fraustraing when the desired job doesn’t come as planned.

Using Nigeria as a case study, Nigerians for instance often complain that there are no jobs in Nigeria not knowing that every firm needs someone with the below listed soft skills to prove to them that they have the capacity to effectively do the job.

Definition of Soft Skills

As defined by Indeed, soft skills are any skill or quality that can be classified as a personality trait or habit. Interpersonal skills and communication skills are more specific categories of soft skills that many employers look for in job candidates.

They fail to realize that these soft skills are what reputable employers seek before hiring any employee. So if you are one of those Nigerians, say no more and cultivate these skills as the sooner you come to realize this, the sooner you are likely to become employed.

(1)  Communication

This is the most important soft skill that potential employees fail to realize as it can make or mar you during a job interview. It also helps you to build a healthy relationship with your employer and coworkers. Asides that, being able to communicate effectively will prove you as a thoughtful worker during teamwork as others will perceive you as a leader.

Also there are cases whereby you might have to disagree with team members during a project to agree with your idea and only by possessing effective communication skills will you be able to enable others agree with yours without creating conflict which is an important skill that employers value.

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(2) Problem-solving

The ability to provide solution to problems is another soft skill that reputable employers look out for on potential employees. In fact, if you are talented at this skill, you could easily get promoted among other benefits which include increased salary. Problem solving might require you relying on previous experiences on consulting with your coworkers with possible solutions to the problem.

(3) Creativity

This is another soft skill that so much excites employers as it makes them wonder how potential employees are able to use their imagination to produce novel ideas or product that can be useful to the company.

Five Soft Skills That Can Make You More Marketable For Jobs in Nigeria

Being creative also helps in saving time in terms of getting tasks done as well as improves processes or even develops new and exciting avenues for the business to explore. Creativity is truly a soft skills that many potential employees lack which you can adopt and use it to outshine others and produce yourself as an employee of value.

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(4) Adaptability

How fast can you adapt to changes is a soft skills you must possess as a potential employee due to changes in the industry. The method of doing things in the labour market is fast changing with time as one has to fast adopt to prove his or her relevancy in the labour market.

Take for example, years back getting jobs in Nigeria simply involve you knowing how to read and write but as time flied and technology started changing the way things are done, getting jobs in Nigeria today requires you having a basic knowledge of how to use computers.

 In other words, you must be a computer literate before you can secure jobs in Nigeria. So you get the point!

Hence, employees who are capable of adapting to new situations and ways of working will always find themselves valuable in many jobs and industries.

(5)  Work Ethic

Work ethic is simply the ability to follow through on tasks and duties in a timely and orderly manner. Having a strong work ethic is what will keep you pushing and striving to be become a better person each day at your profession.

Employers so much value this soft skills that they can even go ahead to invest in you to take up advanced courses which will boost your overall career performance thereby earning you more pay and respect at your workplace.

Along with that, many employers would rather hire someone whom they perceive has a strong work ethic and is willing to learn than a skilled worker who does not seem motivated.

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