Alan Minter: British boxing legend dies at 69

British boxing legend and former world champion Alan Minter has died at the age of 69 after suffering from cancer.

Minter, who won a bronze medal at the 1972 Olympics in Munich, claimed the undisputed world middleweight title against Italian Vito Antuofermo in Las Vegas in 1980.

After he won a rematch against Antuofermo, Minter lost the title to Marvin Hagler inside three rounds at Wembley Arena later that year.

He had his last fight in 1981.

Alan Minter: British boxing legend dies at 69

He experienced tragedy during his career, when Italian Angelo Jacopucci died as a result of injuries sustained in their European title fight in 1978.

A Tough Time To Be A Champion – Analysis

Sport boxing reporter Luke Reddy

There was a point early in Minter’s professional career where he lost three fights in six months – all because of cuts.

The 1972 Olympic bronze medalist seemed to attract blood. After seeing a doctor about the ongoing issue he arrived at a conclusion – “don’t get hit in the first place”.

These days, few, if any of the belt-chasing Olympians who turn to the professional ranks would likely have much of a career left if they faced a similar string of defeats.

But Minter was a dogged man in a hard era. At the start of 1970, not one British boxer held a world title. They were tough to come by and even the British and European belts often only came along after one had paid their dues.

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Minter twice won the European title on the road and would find himself coming to terms with the tragic death of one of his opponents.

That he overcame cuts, a ruthless era, tragedy and still won a world title is testament to the character he was.

“If you can walk away after winning and defending a world title, you’ve done something special,” he once told Boxing News.

In the way he did it and in the era he did it in, “special” feels like an understatement.


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