I look forward to seeing other Housemates – Lucy

Evicted Lucy said she looks forward to seeing other Housemates when the show is over.

Describing her experience in the House, Lucy began by explaining her last raunchy dance moves with Neo saying “It was never more than just dance with Neo.”

On her vocal status,she explained that she was only being real. “I know I’m trouble but the good kind of trouble. Everybody was always so packaged,” she said.

She confirmed that she had been in touch with Ka3na since leaving the House and looks forward to meeting up with her and catching up.

When asked about relationships in the House, she was hesitant to share her opinions because according to her, she doesn’t “know what is on people’s mind” and can only speak to what she sees.

I look forward to seeing other Housemates – Lucy

Halfway into the competition, Lucy and Praise became close.

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However, their relationship could not blossom as Praise was evicted just a week into their deepened friendship.

She however admits she wasn’t keen on a relationship in the House because she wouldn’t know what is real.

“We wouldn’t know what is real until we get out of the House, so as not to be used as a part of someone’s strategy,” she said.

She also admitted to being hot-tempered and saying things she didn’t mean a lot of times.

On her eviction, Lucy reiterated that she wasn’t so surprised as she was no longer in the competition.

I look forward to seeing other Housemates – Lucy

“I was not surprised about my eviction. Some people saw me as a threat,” she responded.


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