Best Small Business Ideas – Part 1

A lot of people have so many potentials in them but their only challenge is how to figure out what exactly they are very good at or have been complemented for by others before after a successful performance then convert it into a business to earn a living.

Meanwhile for some people, you will have to give them an idea for them to expand because they are literally good at everything without even them realizing how good they are.

With little or no training, there are so many things one can do to earn a legitimate income because all of us certainly do posses different unique features in life which differentiates us from each other.

Therefore I hereby urge you to discover your inner ability, work on it to expand it and then make it a good source of earning an income.

Today we are going to be discussing some number of business ideas that can assist you to become successful and empowered in life with little or no start-up cost.

The following are but not limited to the number of small business ideas one can start with little capital and succeed:

1. Event and Party Planning Business

If anyone have ever complimented you on your parties or events then you might be good enough to be a party planner and so many people around you who are throwing parties will definitely need your service if you are good enough for them.

All you need to do is to inform them and let them know you can handle everything from invitations to the catering, from the entertainment to cleaning up afterwards, from the wine shopping’s to decorations.

Have you taken your time to think of how much you are going to be making in a year if you are doing at least 2 parties in a month?

Get started today!

2. Biography Writing Business

As the days goes by, so also is the years. Everyone must get older and it is a natural stuff.

Do you know you can make money from other people’s event by writing their Biographies? Please don’t laugh yet!

So many Business men, CEOs, Politicians are going to be 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, etc.

Now let me break it down for you how to make money through that, if you have passion for writing, you can target their birthdays, fix a date for the lunching and you are good to go.

Some of them as influencers and dignities already have so many companies and friends that are ready to donate to the lunching of the book.

Therefore I advice you to strategize today on the right way to start and become a Millionaire through an existing Millionaire. Smiles.

3. Computer Class Instructor

These days, computers have become part of everyone’s life, not only in the workplace but in the home as well. There is no doubt that they are part of our jobs and also part of our entertainment.

Some of you attended a computer training and therefore have the basic knowledge about computer at least. So why don’t you try to make money through your already acquired knowledge?

You can even check the computer book section of a bookstore near you, read up and practicalize what you read and use the knowledge you have gained to teach others how to begin using a computer; how to use it more efficiently, how to get more out of it, or how to use specific software programs.

This type of class can be offered through your home and with time as you grow then you can expand into a classroom and more students.

4. Selling Educational Materials

Selling educational materials like Pencils, Exercise books, recommended textbooks, graphical tables, and drawing equipment is a big business today because they are some of the materials students cannot do without on a daily basis.

All you have to do is to get a good site near a school or inside a school compound, because people who locate their shops near the schools are bound to make a lot of more sales and money than those located very far off the school area.

The funniest part is that you may not even necessarily need to rent a shop to start this business because If you don’t have enough money to rent a shop yet, you can get a table and display some of your products or you can get an umbrella or canopy.

First of all carryout a detailed research to know the relevant materials that are in high demand in that environment; your success in this business is directly related to your ability to sell at a price that is very competitive therefore make sure you don’t scare your student buyers away with your high selling price.

5. Pure Water Business

A lot of you do have a fridge, freezer or you live close to cold rooms; then you can start a pure water business even from your home. Thou a lot of people are already in the business today, but there is still room for one more person who is still passionate to make it in the business.

There are some places where you can get good business like the Markets, Schools, Churches, Mosques, Football matches playground and Parties etc. because anyone who gets thirsty must definitely drink water to quench his/her thirst.

Other places to target your business for more sales may include going to very big events, securing a stand, rent a freezer and you will make some money.

You can give this a try today.

This is where we are going to be rounding up on today’s discussion.

Next, we will be continuing with the second part of this same topic “Best Small Business Ideas – Part 2” for more interesting small business ideas therefore I urge you to always follow us up for more.

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