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Bill Gates, Melinda French Gates divorce official

Bill Gates and Melinda French Gates are now officially divorced, three months after they sensationally announced the end of their 27 year-old marriage.

Washington laws stipulate a 90-day waiting period between when a divorce is filed and finalized.

Bill Gates, Melinda French Gates divorce official

The marriage dissolution was finalized by a judge Monday in King County Superior Court, Seattle, Washington, according to court records, which detailed that neither party will receive “spousal support” or change their names.

Bill Gates, Melinda French Gates divorce official

The judge ordered the Gateses to divide their property according to the terms of a separation contract, which remains confidential under the terms of the divorce.

The couple filed for divorce on May 3 after 27 years of marriage, but pledged to continue their philanthropic work together.

Bill Gates, Melinda French Gates divorce official

The Gateses said at the time that they had reached agreement on how to divide their marital assets.

More than $3 billion worth of shares held by Gates’s Cascade Investment has been transferred to French Gates’s name.

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