Classes of Wholesalers in Marketing

Merchants Wholesalers 

Independently owned businesses that take title to the merchandise they handled. In different trades, they are called different names, such as Jobbers, distributors, or mill supply houses. They fall into two categories: Full-service Wholesalers and Limited-service Wholesalers.

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Full-Service Wholesalers: Provide a full line of services

Carrying stocks, maintaining a sales force, offering credit, making deliveries, and providing management assistance. There are two types of full-service wholesalers: wholesale merchants and industrial distributors.

Limited-Service Wholesalers

Offer fewer services to their suppliers and customers than full-service wholesalers. Limited-service wholesalers are of several types: cash and carry wholesalers, truck wholesalers, drop shippers, rack jobbers, producers’ cooperatives, and mail-order wholesalers.

It should be noted that there are several other types of wholesalers that you can research at your convenience.

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