Ex-BBNaija Star CeeC Reacts To Erica’s Disqualification From Big Brother

Ex-BBNaija Star CeeC Reacts To Erica’s Disqualification From Big Brother

Ex-BBNaija Star Cee C has reacted to Erica’s disqualification from the BBNaija lockdown house.

Erica was disqualified on Sunday for gross misconduct after getting a third strike. Biggie told Erica that she could have said what she needed to say and walked away without worsening the situation.

She was found guilty of denying the Deputy HoH access to the HoH Lounge, peeping through the windows and calling out to the camera crew, disrespecting her fellow Housemates, bullying, provocation and goading.

Biggie continued that Erica’s actions last night demonstrated a flagrant disrespect of Big Brother’s House rules and was compounded by the fact that as the current HoH she was supposed to lead by example.

Given the backdrop of the strong and final warning issued last week and in accordance with article 18 of the Big Brother rule book and the three strike rule, this was the third and final strike. Erica was immediately disqualified from the Big Brother (BBNaija) House during the Sunday live eviction show.

After Erica’s disqualification, a post on Instagram read: The original indabosky. Liquid metal since 2018. We know CeeC has grown since she left the house. What do you think CeeC would say to Erica right now?

Reacting to the post, CeeC who was known in the BBNaija House as a drama Queen during her time, said it’s not always about winning a race, but sometimes being a part of the race is just as good.

Cee C wrote, “Sometimes it’s not about winning a race but being part of a race. It is enough that you were part of the race. You’d be fine maybe not now but eventually.

Ex-BBNaija Star Cee C Reacts To Erica's Disqualification From  Big Brother

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