Fortnite’s official ‘Chapter 3, Season 3 – Vibin’ gameplay finally out and making wave – check it out

Fortnite's official 'Chapter 3, Season 3 - Vibin' gameplay finally out and making wave - check it out

Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 3 is officially called Vibin’, and true to form, it brings a colorful, party atmosphere to its new story thread and areas of the map.

On the eastern coast, you’ll see two new areas to explore: Rave Cave and Reality Falls.

These Biomes feature giant mushrooms to bound across, as well as waterfalls and strange trees to interact with.


The tallest tree is called the Reality Tree and it’s in full bloom, spreading Reality Seed Pods across the island. If you grab a seed and plant it, a Reality Sapling will grow.

If you weed it, you’ll be rewarded loot. The more times a sapling is uprooted, the better the loot. Yes, you can get Mythic weapons this way.

Fortnite vibin

On the gameplay front, you can now use animals as mounts. If you see a wolf or boar, see if you can catch a ride.

Ballers are also back thanks to the reappearance of the Screwballer amusement park ride.

The Ballers have more health than before, can float on water, and are battery-operated, meaning you know how long the ride will be.

Fortnite season 3

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