Google Doodle celebrates Steelpan

Today, Google released a brand-new Doodle (watch it above) to honor the steelpan, a well-liked percussion instrument and Trinidad and Tobago’s national instrument.

The Doodle was drawn by Trinidad and Tobago-born artist Nicholas Huggins, who expressed the wish that viewers “take away a sense of the industriousness and creativity of the people of Trinidad & Tobago.”

“Even though we are a small nation in the grand scheme of things, we should be highly regarded for having given the world such a magnificent instrument.”

A steelpan is a large, silver metal drum that is typically played with two straight sticks and supported by a stand.

Trinbagonians, or residents of Trinidad and Tobago, invented the instrument in the 1930s, and it is now acknowledged as one of the few significant acoustic musical instruments to be created in the 20th century.

The Trinidad All-Steel Pan Percussion Orchestra (TASPO) gave a performance at the Festival of Britain on this date, July 26, 1951, introducing the steelpan and a brand-new musical style to the world.

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