Guide on How to produce Multi-Purpose Liquid Soap

Today we are going to take you through a step by step guide on how to produce a liquid soap for commercial use.

You can also produce them for personal use or turn it into a lucrative business to generate more income for you and your family which is the main reason for this article on our blog, to teach friends some of the small business products and services they can venture into in order to generate income to carter for their daily needs and responsibilities.

Have you been thinking about starting a production business but aren’t sure what to start? Yes liquid Soap making is a good business  here in Nigeria for instance with a daily need commodity for everyone. There is no place you can’t find soap, be it in our homes, offices, school name it.

The good thing about this liquid soap business is that it does not require much  money to start. Instead of producing different liquid detergent for different purposes you can actually produce one liquid detergent that serves all purposes. Thereby saving time and money!

Liquid soap making business is a lucrative business to invest in or start, you can start from small to large scale. When you must have made enough profit to secure a factory for it like Morning Fresh and Mama lemon, we have small scale producers who have been into this business for long and they are doing  well financially through the business.

You  can make a monthly profit of over N65,000 in  liquid soap making business in Nigeria if you do it well? The key issues in this business is the ability to produce quality liquid soaps to compete with likes of Morning Fresh and Mama Lemon  are the leading names in the market. Once you are able to establish that quality, sky is your limit.

Capital: You can start this liquid soap business with less than  N10,000,  from the comfort of your home in your kitchen  or  anywhere  convenient  for  you can do the job with no stress  or complication.

You can involve other  family members  as this production can be a family business, all the same if you have some boys to assist you  in stirring while you supervise them as they mix and stir the process to completion, just with materials and equipment  at home you don’t need those mechanical stuff for now.

Raw Materials

  1. Natrosol
  2. Sulphonic Acid
  3. Texapol
  4. Caustic Soda
  5. Soda Ash
  6. STPP
  7. Fragrance
  8. Glycerin (for Bath Wash)
  9. Color
  10. Formalin
  11. Water

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Measurement for 20 Litres – 30 Litres of Multi-Purpose Liquid Soap

Multi-purpose Liquid Soap
Multi-purpose Liquid Soap
  1. ½ kg of Natrosol
  2. 1 Litre of Sulphonic Acid
  3. ½ kg of Texapol
  4. 2 Table Sppons of Caustic Soda
  5. 2½ Table Spoons of Soda Ash
  6. ¼ kg of STPP
  7. 2oz of Glycerin
  8. 2 Caps of Formalin
  9. ⅛ Litre of Fragrance
  10. Any color of your choice

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Production Process

  1. Pour ½ kg of Natrosol into an empty bowl
  2. Pour 6 Litres of water into it and stir for 15 minutes non-stop
  3. Mix 1 litre of Sulphonic acid, ½ kg of Textapol and 2oz of Glycerin together, stir it for 5 minutes then add it to your soap solution
  4. Mix 2 Table spoons of Caustic Soda, 2½ Table spoons of Soda ash, ¼ kg of STPP into 3 litres of water and stir it very well for 5 minutes, then add it to your soap solution
  5. Add 2 caps of formalin to it and stir
  6. Add any color of your choice, then stir again
  7. Lastly, add your perfume or fragrance to it, stir it very well and Allow it to settle for about 30 minutes or more.
  8. Package it.

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