I’ve always dated girls older than me – Laycon

Laycon, has revealed he had always dated older ladies.

Laycon made the revelation during an early morning conversation with Kiddwaya during the workout session on day 54.

Kiddwaya had engaged Laycon in a conversation about his experiences and how to live life to the fullest after workout.

Kiddwaya also opened up saying he tries to be careful while in Nigeria but when he’s in London or outside the shores of Nigeria, he’s free and does whatever he wants.

The two continued with their conversation on girls and Kiddwaya advised him to always ensure he surrounds himself with ladies because it will further boost his personae.


He went on to say ladies are always curious and love being around guys who ladies flock around. He also said ladies try to avoid guys, who are so private and into themselves.

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He also shared an experience with a lady while he was on the campus of UNILAG in his year two.

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