Rachael Ray and family safe after house fire

Celebrity chef and talk show host Rachael Ray escaped a fire in her upstate New York home unscathed, officials confirmed on Monday.Ray, her husband John Cusimano and their dog were home at the house in Lake Luzerne on Sunday when the fire broke out.

Rachael Ray and John Cusimano attend a benefit in November 2019.”Everyone was able to get out safely,” Brian LaFleure, director of emergency services and fire coordinator for the county, “There were no injuries, which was good,” he said.

“Right now, we’re in the process of determining what the cause may be. It’s nothing suspicious, but we’re looking to determine what the cause was.”The fire mostly damaged the main house on the property.Ray’s rep also provided a statement.

Rachael Ray and family safe after house fire

“Rachael, her husband John and their dog Bella are safe,” the statement read. “Their home was unfortunately damaged and we are in the process of accessing to what extent.

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I am happy to provide updates as I know.”Ray has been filming her daytime talk show “The Rachael Ray Show” from her home since the pandemic shut down studios.On Monday she tweeted, “Thank you to our local first responders for being kind and gracious and saving what they could of our home.”

“Grateful that my mom, my husband, my dog… we’re all okay,” Ray wrote. “These are the days we all have to be grateful for what we have, not what we’ve lost.

“”I *did* lose my phone (posting through a team member) Thank you for all the well wishes, concern and outreach, but can’t return texts and calls at the moment…!,” she added.


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