UK PM understands pupils’ ‘anxiety’ over results

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said he understands the “anxiety” felt by pupils waiting for results after exams were cancelled and he is “very keen” assessments should go ahead as normal in the coming school year.

“Clearly, because of what has happened this year, there is some anxiety about what grades pupils are going to get, and everybody understands the system that the teachers are setting the grades, then there’s a standardization system,” he told reporters on a visit to a school in east London.

“We will do our best to ensure that the hard work of pupils is properly reflected.”

UK PM understands pupils' 'anxiety' over results

Results day for A-levels, AS-levels and BTecs in England, Wales and Northern Ireland is on Thursday, while GCSE results will be released next week.

It comes after thousands of students in Scotland received worse results than expected last week, with the Scottish Qualifications Authority accused of disproportionately affecting the grades of schools which have previously presented fewer successful pupils for exams.

The prime minister also reiterated his message that it was the country’s “moral duty” for children to return to classrooms and “the last thing” the government wanted to do was close schools.

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