Best Ways to Advertise your Business for Better Result

One of the major challenges that new business owners face in the business world is low advertisement and exposure of their small businesses to the reach of the masses that require their products or services due to the inadequate capital to finance their business.

This issue is very critical as it also lingers to the extent that it even affects their business exposure and sales due to low advertisement of the business launched.

Today, we will be looking at some of the best ways to advertise your business that will require little or no money to run.

Best Ways to Advertise your Business for Better Result

1. Using a Seminar or Presentation Method

You can decide to promote your business by giving out seminars or presentations. Gather a group of friends, neighbors, relatives or visit organizations within the areas where you know your potential clients are.

Inform them about your business or services and try to convince them on how what you are offering to them can benefit them. Also encourage them to share your idea with their own friends and loved ones.

Without even realizing it, they will assist you advertise your business for you and you start getting the audience you desire.

The truth is that you have expertise that other people are interested in. (You couldn’t be in business if you didn’t) therefore use what you have to get what you desire. Why not share that expertise and promote your business at the same time?

If there’s no direct tie-in to your product or service, you can still give a presentation on a related topic. Nursery people or horticulturalists, for instance, often give demonstrations on topics such as tree-pruning, or slideshows of famous gardens they’ve visited.

In case public speaking terrifies you, then you can start small and start building a name by making a presentation to one of your local groups such as your Home-Based Business Association or Business Women’s network.

2. Make your Vehicle your Mobile Billboard

You can turn your vehicle into a mobile billboard with a vehicle wrap….Funny isn’t it? But it works really well! This is no longer the time to freestyle with your vehicle, rather it is the time for you to use your vehicle to achieve a good result for your business.

Am sure you must have seen many vehicles having the name and phone number of a business decorating one of the windows or doors, Think of all the people who will see your vehicle when you’re driving around especially if you live in a place or area where people often get stuck in traffic!

Meanwhile am guessing by now if you are not familiar with mobile advertising, you may want to ask, Won’t my car paint get harmed? Modern vehicle wrap advertising consists of applying removable “stickers” containing your business logo and information. Wraps are digitally printed onto a specially-applied media and will not harm the vehicle paint job.

3. Promote Your Business Whenever You Communicate

Prepare your business card in such a way that it covers every information you need for your business. Yes, you have business card, but you also put out a lot of other documents in the course of doing business. Check these to make sure you’re using their promotional possibilities to full advantage.

Is your business name, logo, contact information (including web address) and slogan present on all your correspondence? Any document that you send out (whether electronic or printed) should have a letterhead with all of your company information.

And don’t forget to make sure that your email has a complete signature that provides all your business information and a promotional tagline. You can also add a section with links for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to enable the recipient be able to connect with you on social media.

Electronic documents, such as email, are easy to update with your latest business promotion information, whether it be a special price on your product or service or letting people know that your company has won an award.

Remember, it’s not just an email, it’s a business promotion tool. You’re sending it out anyway, so why not make it work for you?

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4. Leverage Social Media

So many if not almost every adult have one social media account or the other, you purchase data to be connected online without even utilizing its full potentials.

Many of us go online just to post our pictures, view our friend’s pictures, place updates, read stories and many money. But what about instead of taking time to snap yourself and start posting online in order to attract likes and comments, you snap your products instead, tag your friends and plead with them to help you re-share and before you know it, you have already started generating the audience you require.

Without a doubt, one of the best ways to promote yourself online is through the social media as the first point of contact. However, there is a caveat. You MUST use social media to build your email list. From there, you can market directly to your email list, which is where the money really comes from anyway.

The reason you need to do this is because social media is always changing the rules. Facebook just changed its algorithm, Twitter just axed automation, etc. On the other hand, you OWN that list of emails, so even if a social media platform changes the rules, your business is okay. You can also meet people offline and have them join your email list via an app on your smartphone or iPad.

Advertise your Business

5. Display What Makes You Different

One of the best ways to promote your small business is by showing that which you feel is what makes you different and like I said earlier, ((You couldn’t be in business if you are not an expert on something).

Create and use a video, show yourself and your story. One thing that makes small businesses different than larger businesses is that the small business owner literally touches every aspect of the business itself.

Although people are buying a product, they are also investing in you instead of the big box store down the street therefore using a video to tell your tale will dramatically increase conversion rates and lower customer churn.

6. Make Use of Facebook Live-stream

This is one of the very easy ways to reach your target audience fast and sell your products or services without paying for advertisements and it also allows your audience to share your live-streams with their audience, which causes you to reach your ideal client faster with less effort.

The comments even give you more content to live-stream about. You take each question or comment and turn it into the next day’s topic. That way, you hit your client with their pain point and how you will fix it by listening to what they just told you.

Try this today and be amazed with the result.

7. Satisfy your Customers Needs and Ask them for Referrals

The truth is that half of your customers will come through referrals from happy customers and can only be achievable if you provide quality services to your customers and ask them to refer their fiends to you which is why you have to work on ensuring that you satisfy your customers needs because they will not only get you more referrals, they are also advertising your business for you as the person they refer, refers another, another refers another and so also is your network of customers expanding.

Here’s how you can get more referrals, too. First, figure out who your biggest fans are by sending a Net Promoter Score survey to each of your customers. Those who the survey results identify as “Promoters” are the customers you want to contact.

Then, find a way to have a personal conversation with that customer and, before concluding, ask for the referral. Tell the customer who would make a good prospect for you and how they should make the connection.

Many customers don’t realize your business serves industries other than theirs, so be prepared to give some examples to get them thinking about the possibilities.

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8. Use Beautiful Printed Materials

Many people still like beautiful well designed papers especially if it is made with a special texture or in unique formats. A nicely made, extra thick business card or beautiful flyers in shiny paper can do a lot for your brand.

It’s definitely worth the investment. Especially when people get it without having met you in another context, a beautiful brochure can be the (only!) first impression they get of you.

9. Build and Respect Every Contact

Business is about relationships. It’s one thing to be nice. It’s a whole other thing to have a mutual respect and concern for everyone who crosses paths with your business. With that said, always follow up and push relationships that are beneficial to your business going forward by being a man/woman of your word.

10. Become a Trusted Resource in Facebook Groups

Many people join these Facebook groups and go STRAIGHT for the sale and “pimping their products.” It’s sloppy. Some groups don’t appreciate it, so they’ll either ignore you or the admins will just kick you out of the group…..Smiles!

Instead of doing that, offer resources, case studies, updates to the industry, tools, and strategies in your niche that will BENEFIT the group.

You can do this for fairly a short period of time until you become the “go-to” resource to find out how to accomplish the “X” service you provide without selling anybody on anything.

Would you like to share your own tips on how to promote your business?

Let us know in the comments.


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