Vee, Nengi on collision path

All is not well between two of the remaining three female Housemates – Vee and Nengi.

Ozo and Nengi’s relationship seems to be pissing Vee off as she took a swipe at Nengi after losing their eighth wager task on Thursday.

It all began in the early morning on Day 53 when Nengi damaged her belongings.

A visibly angry Vee had restrained herself from reacting to avoid strike or disqualification after seeing what happened to Erica a few days before.

However, Vee kept her cool and distance from Nengi all through the day until after the Showmax Wager task presentation.

The two were in the kitchen when they began a very slight exchange of words

At first, it seemed like nothing until it got to a shouting match. She kept mentioning that their team did not win the wager because Ozo was fraternising with an enemy – Nengi.

Vee, Nengi on collision path

Meanwhile, on Wednesday, September 9, she had told Laycon that Ozo and Nengi’s relationship is bullshit.

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She said: “It’s bullshit. They can’t stay away from each other during the day but they still sleep on different beds during the night.”

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