What I miss in the House, by Erica

Disqualified Erica has shared some favorite moments and things she would miss in the House.

“My favorite moments in the House was when I won the Head of House (HoH), the two times I won the HoH, all the parties, I really liked having fun, dancing, dressing up looking pretty, the parties, the task, all the challenges, winning.

“What I will miss about the House is the fact that I didn’t have to pay any bills and I got to eat free food all the time, yeah that is what I will miss about the House and I will miss the competition also.

What I miss in the House, by Erica

“I love winning competitions and the tasks they were fun.

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I didn’t even know I had a signature dance but my ginger at the party came from watching myself, I will always face a mirror and when I watch myself, I will feel myself and just be dancing,” she said.

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