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11 Amazing Health Benefits of Pineapples

Pineapples was named as the healthiest fruit in the world and for some seriously important reasons. Pineapple (Ananas comosus) is a healthy tropical fruits, with tons of vitamins and minerals needed by our body, after reading this article your love for pineapple will spike up and you will see more reasons why pineapple is tagged the healthiest fruit in the world.

 They contain zero fat and cholesterol, and plentiful of vitamins A, B, C, potassium, manganese, cooper and a dozen of other minerals and nutrients our bodies regularly need.

What does all that mean for you? Well, you are probably unaware of the following, health benefits of pineapples:

1) Boost your immune system

Pineapples are a powerful source of vitamin C and, in fact, contain half of the daily recommended value for an adult according to Food and Drug Administration. Vitamin C is also a primary water-soluble antioxidant that fights cell damage.

Our bodies need sufficient vitamin C to fight cell damage and prevent joint pains and heart diseases.

2) Strengthen your bones

In addition to containing loads of vitamin C, pineapples also have plenty of manganese which strengthens bones and connecting tissues.

One study also suggests that manganese helps preventing osteoporosis in post-menopausal women.

One cup of fresh pineapple juice contains over 70% of the required daily dose of manganese.

Kids, adults and elderly people should eat a few chunks of pineapple a day to keep their bodies strong.

3) A great remedy for sinuses and allergy swellings

Again, it’s all about vitamin C which helps to reduce mucus in the throat and nose.

If you are exposed to seasonal allergies incorporate pineapples to your diet, along with some extra bromelain supplements to ease up your condition.

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4) Reduce blood clot

Bromelain helps reduce excessive coagulation of the blood.

Frequent flyers, flight attendants, movers, and other folks at risk for blood clots, pineapples should be your go-to snack!.

5) Reduce stress

Pineapples contain a good level of several B vitamins which propel your brain to function better and boost your ability to deal with stress efficiently.

6) Keep your eyes healthy

Due to the high levels of antioxidants and vitamin C, pineapple reduces the risk of macular degeneratio, an eye disease, causing vision lose. 

Elder people are particularly exposed to it.

Also, it contains a lot of beta carotene, an essential element needed for healthy vision that should be consumed regularly.

Health Benefits Pineapples

7) Treat colds and cough

Thanks to the huge level of anti-inflammatory bromelain and vitamin C, pineapple can be a great remedy for treating nasty colds and coughing.

Bromelain is also known to reduce swelling and respiratory problems.

Enzymes that pineapples contain reduce inflammation and clean up excessive mucus in the respiratory system.

The next time you feel sick, drink a glass of pineapple juice instead of orange juice.

Your recovery will start much sooner.

8) Help prevent cancer

Pineapples contain loads of antioxidants that help to capture and fight against free radicals.

This slows down the cell damage process, thus preventing some types of cancer.

In fact, research has found that pineapple enzymes can shrink or kill cancer cells.

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9) Strengthen your gums

Astringent agents abundant in pineapples help to tighten up gum tissues and even prevent oral cancer.

In fact, pineapples are often prescribed to fix loosening of teeth or the the retraction of the gums.

Keep your teeth healthy and strong by munching some pineapples.

10) Reduce blood pressure

Among other vitamins and minerals, pineapples contain a great deal of potassium.

Potassium is a strong natural vasodilator, meaning it eases the tension of the blood vessels and promotes proper blood circulation to various parts of the body.

As your blood vessels relax, your blood pressure reduces and the flow of blood is less restricted.

So, pineapples can help prevent such conditions as stroke and atherosclerosis.

11) Improve digestion

Have slight digestion problems? You can fix it by adding some pineapple to your regular diet.

Bromelain, dietary fiber, and vitamin C, are all present in pineapples; promote better digestion.

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