8 Time Management Tips you need to be Successful

Time Management is very essential in everyone’s one. We all have 24-hours in a day. But, why does it seem that some people are able to get the most out of every minute of the day?

Believe it or not, they don’t have the power to slow down time. They do, however, know how to properly manage their time.

Time management does not only enable you accomplish your set daily tasks, it is also one of the most effective skills you can have in life to enable you succeed.

Want to know how you can properly manage your time and make the most out of your time as well? Start by using these 8 super-powerful time management tips.

1. Create a Time Audit

When it comes to time management, the first step you need to take is finding out where your time actually goes. You may believe that you only spend 30 minutes on certain things that are not necessarily worth the amount of time spent on it, while in reality that task is eating-up an hour or more of your day without your notice.

Many of us are prey to time-waster tasks that steal time we could be using much more productively. What are your time bandits? Do you spend too much time Internet surfing, reading email, Facebook posting, texting, or making personal calls?

Therefore you need to create a time audit to discover where the issue is coming from and adjust it accordingly.

2. Set Goals the Right Way

There’s a right and wrong way to set goals. If you don’t set your goals the right way, then you’ll lack the proper targets, which will force you to fall off track.

Meanwhile when you set them the right way, the sky is the limit and when you do set those goals, make sure you have powerful deep down meanings for wanting to achieve them.

3. Set a Time Limit to each Task and Maintain it

Setting a time limit to each task will prevents you from getting distracted or procrastinating. For example, if I want to write an article for my blog, I give myself two hours. So if I started at 8am, I try to get it written by 10am as to enable me also attend to other plans I have for the day.

4. Use a to-do-list, but don’t abandon tasks

All goals and projects are made up of smaller parts that need to be accomplished in order to achieve the goal, or complete the project.

Therefore it is necessary that you must create to-do lists for each goal and project, listing all the measurable steps that need to be accomplished

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5. Use Time Management Tools

Whether it’s a Day-Timer, a software program, or a phone app, the first step to physically managing your time is to know how its going now and planning how you’re going to spend your time in the future.

6. Prioritize Ruthlessly

You should start each day with a session prioritizing the tasks for that day and setting your performance benchmark. If you have 20 tasks for a given day, how many of them do you truly need to accomplish?

7. Plan Ahead

One of the worst things that you can do is wake-up without a plan for the day. Instead of focusing on what needs to be done, you wander aimlessly and take care of more trivial matters.

That’s why you should always plan ahead using one of these options;

  • The night before. Before you leave work for the day, spend the last 15-minutes organizing your office and composing a list of your most important items for tomorrow.
  • First thing in the morning. During your morning routine, write down the 3 or 4 most urgent and important matters that need to be addressed today and work on those when you’re most productive.

8. Monitor your Performance and Stick to your To-do List

Always examine your daily performance using the tasks already set for the day. Try to find out those you where able to achieve, those you couldn’t achieve and the reasons why you couldn’t achieve them.

Review your daily task calendar to a more suitable way where it can fit in with those reasons why you couldn’t achieve your daily set tasks.

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