Amazing Health Benefits of Millet you need to know about

Amazing Health Benefits of Millet you need to know about

Millets contain lots of macro and micronutrients which includes magnesium, protein, phosphorus, carbohydrates, copper, manganese, dietary fiber, fats, water-soluble and fat-soluble vitamins, tryptophan, potassium, calcium, antioxidants and lots more.

Below are the Health Benefits of Millet (millet nutrition):

1) Rich Source of Nutrient

It is a rich source of the nutrient magnesium and potassium which makes millet good for the heart, as it helps in regulating and maintaining a normal heart rate as well as reducing the blood pressure, protecting and improving the general cardiovascular health.

The presence of magnesium makes millet good for diabetic patients as it helps in increasing insulin efficiency in the body, reducing any form of insulin resistance which can trigger or cause high glucose levels.

Millets are also rich in fiber, and it is the high fiber content that helps in weight management, aids in digestion and prevents any forms of bowel movement irritation that can cause constipation, cramping and related others.

It also contains antioxidants that help in the proper function of the body by preventing cell damages which might arise from the oxidative processes in the body and can as well help to detoxify the body.

It is also a good protein source that aids in general bodybuilding and calcium too which helps in building and making the bones and teeth strong.

2) Helps to Maintain a Good Sleep

The presence of Tryptophan in millet increases the serotonin level in the body that helps manage stress.

Recent studies show that having a cup of millet each night before getting to sleep helps you to have a lovely and peaceful sleep.

3) Rich in Antioxidants

Millet contains phytochemicals known as polyphenols, which is a very strong antioxidant property. This polyphenols helps to harmful free radicals, reduces inflammation, prevent any kind of heart disease, boost your immune system and as well fight against the virus in the body.

4) Lowers Blood Pressure

Several studies indicate that millets contain magnesium which helps to lower blood pressure and reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes which is normally caused by atherosclerosis , the buildup of plaque on the artery wall, causing obstruction of blood flow and this plaque is made up of cholesterol, fat and other substances found in the blood.

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5) Helps the Coronary Artery to Function Properly

A high intake of millet helps to reduce triglyceride levels in the body.

It prevents blood platelet clumping by thinning the blood, thereby helping the coronary artery to function properly and reducing the risk of sunstroke.

6) It Reduces Menstrual Pains for Women

Millet is a great food for women especially those that undergo severe pain during menstruation as it contains a high level of magnesium which will help to ease the pain when consume.

Amazing Health Benefits of Millet you need to know about

7) Helps to obtain Glowing and Vibrant Skin

The presence of L-lysine and L-proline which is an amino acids in millet helps formulate collagen in the body, a vital protein in the body that promotes skin elasticity.

Therefore, eating millet strengthens the collagen level to obtain glowing and vibrant skin.

8) Helps in Weight Loss

Millet contains a high amount of soluble dietary fiber and tryptophan, an amino acid that helps to reduce weight and lowers appetite.

Those who want to lose weight should always add millet to their diet because it helps to keep the stomach full for a long period of time, thereby preventing you from getting hunger quickly as well as overeating.

10) Relaxes Your Mood and Promotes Good Sleep

Millets abound in about 120 gm of an amino acid called tryptophan which the body required to make serotonin, a chemical compound in the body that reduces stress and enhances one’s mood.

Daily intake of millet every night can help you to get a quiet and peaceful sleep as Tryptophan helps to increase the quality of sleep and helps you to build up energy in the morning.

11) Boost Breast Milk Production

Finger millet, especially (Ragi) helps to increase the formulation of breast milk in the body; that is why pregnant and lactating women are advised to always consume it in large quantity so as to be able to feed the child for a longer period.

12) Helps to Prevent Gallstone

Food that contains insoluble fiber speeds up the passive airway of undigested food through the colon and as well reduces the secretion of bile acids which forms gallstones in the body.

It also contains a high amount of fiber that helps to reduce the risk of gallstones. 

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