Characteristics and Barriers to Effective Learning

The following characteristics are noticeable when effective learning has taken place:

  • It produces permanent change
  • It involves activities, action, and interaction
  • It is a continuous process that lasts throughout life
  • It involves problem-solving
  • It involves thinking
  • It occurs by experience, conditioning, or information acquisition

Barriers to Effective Learning

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These are problems that hinder, slow down or make learning difficult. Some of these problems force students and pupils to drop out of school.

  • Poor learning atmosphere. This could be related to environment, content, presentation, and situational factors such as a change in the social and economic conditions of the learner.
  • Poor reinforcement strategies.
  • Emotional and health failure of the learner.
  • Poor policy implementation or policy change forces learners out of the learning track.
  • Lack of financial support.
  • Political instability such as coups, political riots, strikes, and terrorism.

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Overcoming the Barriers to Learning

Barriers to progress in virtually every meaningful pursuit in life are common to everyone. As a learner, you must face specific difficulties which may be very discouraging. You must develop a thick skin and device strategies to overcome identified barriers.

Learn to use the library. If you are going to learn effectively, the library should be your closest friend. Physical visits to the library are crucial as well as the use of library e-resources. The library is the most active force in the pursuit of learning at every level. 

Register in the library. Borrow books from the library. Read steadily in the library. Regularly and consistently use electronic resources in the library. The library and books will build you.

Take conscious steps to develop your communication skills. This will help you in learning easily: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. When these skills are properly and adequately developed, learning becomes interesting, comfortable, and excellent.

Develop interest and skill in the use of ICT and the new technologies of information. They will help you go very far in today‘s learning requirements and expectations.

Be determined to work hard and study well despite temporary challenges. The challenges that come your way are springboards to more exceptional achievements. No man has ever turned out great without facing and confronting challenges. If there are no challenges in whatever you do, it is an indication that you should reconsider that pursuit. It may not be worthwhile.

Feedback is indispensable in effective learning. It is a form of assessment of what you are doing. Provide feedback avenue for honest and accurate assessment of your status and seek feedback to determine where you stand and what changes to make.

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