Blame The Display Of My Boobs On Designers, Says Dorathy

The first runner up of the BBNaija Lockdown, Dorathy Bachor, has blamed designers and an increase in weight for the display of her bust during Saturday and Sunday nights in the house.

Dorathy had blamed designers and free food for the display of her bust while in the house.

She said, “If you know me before the house, that is just how I am and Saturday Night party, let’s blame it on the designers, who brought in those clothes.

It wasn’t deliberate, it was either the designer or I added weight because at some point, I kept eating and you know what free food does. I kept eating, and the clothes were shrinking and it wasn’t deliberate.”

One of the highpoints of Dorathy’s stay in her 70-days duration in the house was her response to her appointment as the Deputy Head of House. She said the statement, “I accept it with my full chest,” came from a happy place.

Blame The Display Of My Boobs On Designers, Says Dorathy

“I swear, I did not even think about it, I just said it, I don’t even know where it came from.

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Sometimes, I just say things and wonder why did I even say it, it’s not something I prepared for, I just felt very happy and everybody knew what it felt like being nominated and you have to wait for the bottom four for them to call the final four, I feel it came from a happy place, I just expressed myself and that came out,” Dorathy revealed to The Nation in an exclusive chat.

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