CHARLES INOJIE: How ‘Na dem dey rush us’ went viral

Award-winning Nigerian actor, comedian, movie director, and producer, Charles Inojie recently revealed how popular slang ‘Na dem rush us’ went viral in August 2018.

The University of Port Harcourt graduate made this known on the ‘Chat room with Woli Arole’ show on Instagram recently.

Inojie said the movie which he featured in 10 years ago was God’s way of paying him for his hard work.

CHARLES INOJIE: How ‘Na dem dey rush us’ went viral

“I can sit-back to say that was God in action, to pay me for all the years of hard work, for all the years I’ve done a number one job from the number two position, to pay me for my diligence, handwork, believe, which word people no quick see. One gift God gave me and I think he never wanted the gift unnoticed, that was why he went back almost 10 years back to bring something and threw it forward and said son reap from this because I gave you the gift and that gift is the gift of spontaneity, the gift to instantaneously, get to a subtext, jump out of the script, jump into the subtext and still connect with the script. It is a gift.

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I have the capacity to wow my director as an actor. Once I look at the script, look at my role and I know this is the ultimate destination of this character. God gave me that gift to be able to immediately harness all of those ingredients to enable the character to quickly accelerate to get to his ultimate destination. So, that was how ‘na dem day rush us’ came.

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“Somebody had asked me only recently if the lines were written and I asked the person when you hear am did they sound like something someone can sit down to write? E no fit happen, how them wan take write am.”

Speaking further the one time president of Screen Writers Guild of Nigeria (SWGN) explained that the delivery of his role had a positive impact on the slang.

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“The delivery is as important as the lines, something has been written, but how you deliver those lines matters. It is another ball game, and it was the delivery that changed that game. That was how the line came about”, Inojie noted.

CHARLES INOJIE: How ‘Na dem dey rush us’ went viral

Inojie who started his career working as an assistant movie director before venturing full-time into acting and movie directing said he enjoys directing adding that “I love to setback and see a piece that I have directed, how they accept it and the impact it makes”.

Charles Inojie, who is better known by his moniker ‘Lucky Johnson’ is popular for his role in ‘The Johnsons’ sitcom.


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