DC ‘Aquaman’ Jason Momoa involved in a crash With a motorcycle

DC 'Aquaman' Jason Momoa involved in a crash With a motorcycle

Any crash involving a motorcycle is sincerely scary stuff, and Jason Momoa reportedly got some first hand experience this weekend. It’s being reported that the Fast X star was involved with a vehicular incident of that nature earlier today while driving his Oldsmobile muscle car in Calabasas, California.

News of the incident has been delivered by TMZ, and the good news is that it sounds like nobody was seriously injured in the crash. The rider on the motorcycle was taken to the hospital with what’s described as “minor injuries” – namely “bruising to their leg and an injury to their thumb.” According to the report, the bike crossed into Jason Momoa’s lane while going around a bend, and then hit the Oldsmobile. He evidently bounced off of Momoa’s windshield and cleared the hood of the car before actually landing on his feet standing.

One would imagine that the incident would be eye-opening for Jason Momoa given the fact that he is a motorcycle enthusiast himself. Back in February of this year the Aquaman actor posted a number of images of him riding bikes on his personal Instagram account – including a series from a trip that he took to Nashville, Tennessee: 

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