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Disney + Snowdrop actress Kim Mi-soo dies suddenly aged 29

South Korean actress Kim Mi-soo, who appears in the popular Disney+ series Snowdrop, has died suddenly at age 29, her agent revealed Wednesday.

Her agent did not reveal a cause for the unexpected death, only saying her family is in ‘shock and grief-stricken’.

Kim’s agency, Landscape, said in statement: ‘Kim suddenly left us on Jan. 5.

‘The bereaved family is currently very heartbroken by the sudden mournful news.

‘The bereaved are deep in their sorrow at the sudden sadness.

Disney + Snowdrop actress Kim Mi-soo dies suddenly aged 29

‘We sincerely ask you to refrain from making up rumors or speculative reports so that the bereaved family, who are in shock and grief-stricken, can reverently commemorate the deceased.’

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