Effects of Consumer Movements on Modern Marketing

The consumer movement is not a present-day activity; it existed before 1900. However, the modern-day movement has been more pronounced because there is more disposable income, and also because the whole world has become a global village, thus facilitating interaction among nations easily.

In addition, people are enlightened now more than before; thus, they are aware of their rights and tasks. Hence, consumerism stemmed, broadly, from cultural changes and consumer discontent and frustrations.

Let us look at a few of these effects, here.

The consumer movement has made top management and/or the government take an active part in reviewing and approving advertising campaigns.

The consumer movement has made government play a more active role in the handling of consumers’ complaints- as evident in the activities of the Consumer Protection Council.

The movement has provided improvement in the exchange of information and shared understanding between businesses and consumers.

Executives see an opportunity to capitalize on consumerism as a competitive marketing tool, one through which profits can be generated.

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Consumers Rights

Effects of Consumer Movements on Modern Marketing
Effects of Consumer Movement on Modern Marketing

There are a thousand of these rights, but we shall limit our discussion to four, here;

1) Right to Safety

This cover complaints about unsafe products, unstated dangers in products, unrealized expectations regarding product performance; inadequate repair services, etc.

2) Right to be informed

This is about complaints about deceptive advertising, deceptive packaging, misleading warranties, insufficient information concerning product contents, operating instructions, etc.

3) Right to Choose

This covers complaints about confusing assortments of products, brands, and packaging size and lack of real competition.

4) Right to be Heard

Complaints about business firms being unresponsive to consumers’ grievances.

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