Heavy rain downpour causes major floodings in Las Vegas – flooding parking garages and seeping inside casinos

Early on Friday, flash floods ravaged the famous Las Vegas Strip for the second time in a week, flooding parking garages and seeping inside casinos.

Just after midnight on Friday, the National Weather Service in Las Vegas issued a flash flood warning due to heavy rain, lightning, and strong winds. Social media users posted videos of a bus stumbling at an intersection that floodwaters had converted into a lagoon and a car struggling against strong downhill flooding currents.

From the roof of what seemed to be the Planet Hollywood casino, water could be seen streaming in on another video. The video that was shared on Twitter showed many card tables being soaked with floating chips and playing cards.

The monsoon season in the casino town is at its most extreme in a decade. According to the National Weather Service, it has rained 1.28 inches this year. The National Weather Service reported that the area hadn’t seen more than an inch of rain since 2014.

Las Vegas city officials advised residents not to drive through flooded areas, to find another route or wait until waters subside. 

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