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Importance of Good Personal Hygiene

Maintaining personal hygiene is necessary for a lot of reasons; these can be personal, social, for health reasons, psychological or simply like a way of life. Therefore let us take a look at the importance of good personal hygiene.

The Importance of Good Personal Hygiene

Maintaining personal hygiene is necessary for many reasons; personal, social, health, psychological or simply as a means of life. Personal hygiene may be described as the key of maintaining cleanliness and grooming of the external body. Personal hygiene refers to the comprehensive cleaning of and taking care of your body.

Maintaining good personal hygiene includes bathing, washing your hands, brushing your teeth and wearing clean clothing. Additionally, it includes making safe and healthy decisions when getting together with others.

One of the most effective ways we have to protect ourselves and others from illness is good personal hygiene. This means washing your hands, especially, but additionally your body.

Good personal hygiene not only enhances our appearance, its importance is proportional to preventing infections, diseases, and keeps us free from unpleasant odors.

Importance of Good Personal Hygiene

The importance of personal hygiene is a significant consideration. Maintaining personal hygiene is necessary for a lot of reasons; these can be personal, social, for health reasons, psychological or simply like a way of life.

Personal hygiene is recognized as behaviors which include wearing clean cloths, bathing, washing and combing one’s hair, as well as flossing and brushing teeth.


The quotient of personal attractiveness could be improved through good personal hygiene practices like brushing the teeth, taking regular showers, going for a head wash, and regular utilization of a deodorant.

Being clean in addition to free from smells makes it easier for other people to get acquainted with you. Being cautious together with your hygiene requirements also makes you aware of your appearances. Feeling physically good allows you to look at yourself in an optimistic way.

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Health implications

Skipping any hygiene practice for a day or more can lead you to a greater risk of being a victim to different ailments. When the hands are not washed with soap after going to the bathroom and you directly get involved with food preparation, you may expose others to numerous infectious diseases.

Additionally, skipping showers also increases infection risk. Therefore, it’s important to develop  is good personal hygiene helpful in reducing the chances of falling sick.

Professional acceptance

No organization on the planet would like its employees to appear unhygienic and untidy. The employees who’re unable to maintain their hygienic presence throw an undesirable self-image on their colleagues as well as the clients.

This insufficient hygiene practices in the form of unpleasant odors. Furthermore, negligence with personal hygiene practices brings about development of infections which affects his performance at the office.

Pleasant smile

Proper oral hygiene is important to aid a nice and attractive smile. Good oral hygiene includes regular brushing accompanied with good dental habits.

Insufficient regular brushing can lead to discoloration of teeth and cavities too. Brushing and flossing the teeth regularly cuts down on risk of gum diseases, accountable for bad breath, to a significant extent.


Being careless using the daily hygiene practices can lead to the accumulation of sweat and therefore bacteria in different body parts. It, therefore, becomes really important to follow along with proper hygiene practices in the daily life to possess a disease free life.


Being clean and hygienic supplies a much better feeling about you than the one experienced while being dirty. Furthermore, you receive more positive reactions to a hygienic and clean appearance thus obtaining a raise in your self-esteem.

Social acceptance

Proper hygiene is very imperative for social acceptance. This is because no one likes being around a grimy or unhygienic person. Kids who do not follow good hygiene practices end up being the target of other kids fun and bullying.


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