Meet The Drug Lord Who Burnt $2m Because There Was No Firewood And His Daughter 

DID YOU KNOW? man who burnt 2 million us dollars because he was short of firewood and his daughter was feeling cold. meet don Pablo Escobar.

He also murdered thousands of people, founded the cocaine trade in the United States, and even blew up a plane full of innocent people because they wouldn’t let him run for congress while he was a drug lord.

Meet The Drug Lord Who Burnt $2m Because There Was No Firewood And His Daughter 

When the kingpin was forced to go on the run his daughter became sick with pneumonia. He burned two million USD of cash to keep her warm.
Escobar was responsible for the deaths of up to four thousand people. Including members of the police force, court judges and journalists.

Pablo Escobar blew up an aircraft in an orchestrated plan to kill a Presidential candidate, Cesar Gavira Trujillo who vocally supported his extradition.

Escobar started his criminal career with his gang by stealing tombstones, sandblasting their inscriptions, and reselling them. After dropping out of school, Escobar began to join gangs to steal cars.

Escobar soon became involved in violent crime, employing criminals to kidnap people who owed him money and demand ransoms, sometimes tearing up ransom notes even when Escobar had received the ransom.

His most famous kidnapping victim was businessman Diego Echavarria, who was kidnapped and eventually killed in the summer of 1971, Escobar received a $50,000 ransom from the Echavarria family; his gang became well-known for this kidnapping..

Escobar faced threats from the Colombian police, the U.S. government and his rival, the Cali Cartel. On 2 December 1993, Escobar was found in a house in a middle-class residential area of Medellin by Colombian special forces using technology provided by the United States.

Police tried to arrest Escobar, but the situation quickly escalated to an exchange of gun fire. Escobar was shot and killed while trying to escape from the roof.

He was hit by bullets in the torso and feet, and a bullet which struck him in the head, killing him. This sparked debate about whether he killed himself or whether he was shot dead.

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