New York State Just Passed a Law Requiring ISPs to Offer $15 Broadband

Internet should become a lot more affordable in New York after Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a bill that requires all Internet Service Providers operating in New York state to offer a $15 a month broadband option for low-income consumers.

the average price of broadband in New York is currently $50. This new bill caps the price at $15 for regular broadband and $20 for high-speed broadband, but only for those who qualify as low income. 

This is a remarkable move toward making broadband internet the affordable utility most people treat it as.

The goal of the fund is to provide free internet access to approximately 50,000 students in economically disadvantaged school districts. It’s expected to operate through June 2022.

In addition to capping the price on internet for low-income households, Cuomo also launched a new website, the Affordable Broadband Portal, to help people find affordable internet in their area. 

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