Photos: Meet Edmund Kemper The Man Who Killed 8 Women And Slept With Their Dead Bodies

Necrophilia is a very sick crime, it involves a form of sexual obsession and attraction to the bodies of dead people. Why will anyone be attracted to dead people? It must be a very serious psychological disorder.

Who is Edmund Kemper?

Edward Kemper

Edmund Kemper was born in California on the 18th of December in 1948. Kemper grew up to be an antisocial person, at the age of ten Kemper buried a pet cat alive then he dug it up, beheaded it, and then put the head in a spike. Kemper did not stop there at age 18 he killed another cat.

In an interview with him, he said his killing people is a gift!!, Watch interview here

Kemper was considered to be weird, he played with his sister’s dolls in a manner that was considered disturbing. Also, Kemper used to sneak out of his home to watch his teacher through her house windows.

Kemper’s parents’ marriage didn’t work out hence he was forced to live with his mum who maltreated him on several occasions, Kemper hated her and he described her as a sick angry woman.

Kemper ran away from his mother and went to stay with his father but his father sent him to his grandparents. Kemper’s murders his grandparents.

At the age of 15, Kemper was 6 feet 4 inches tall.

On the 27th of August 1964, Kemper shot his grandmother in the head with a rifle after they had an argument and when his grandfather returned, Kemper also shot him and turned himself in for the arrest.

A photo of Kemper’s grandparents below.

Edward Kemper

After several Investigations, Kemper was found to be suffering from personality traits disturbances. Kemper was considered as a highly intelligent man as his IQ was said to be 145.

Kemper gets released and continues murders

Kemper was released on parole on 18th December 1969, he was about 21 years by then. Kemper returned to his mother, his mother had already remarried, Kemper began college with hopes of becoming a police officer but he was rejected because of his size, he was 6 feet 2 inches at that time.

Kemper did some odd jobs then he gained employment at the California Department of Transportation.

Kemper had to move out of his mother’s house because living with her became unbearable, but his mother didn’t stop, she called him several and came to see him uninvited.

Photos: Meet Edmund Kemper The Man Who Killed 8 Women And Slept With Their Dead Bodies

From May 1972 and April 1973, Kemper murdered 8 people. He targeted female students who were hitchhiking, he took them to isolated areas where he shot, stabbed, or strangled them.

Photos: Meet Edmund Kemper The Man Who Killed 8 Women And Slept With Their Dead Bodies

When he was done with killing them, he took them to his house and beheaded them, he used their severed heads to unmentionable things.

Kemper killed two ladies Mary Ann Pesce and Anita Mary Luchessa, he took photographs of their bodies, slept with the bodies, and then dismembered them.

Photo of Mary Ann Pesce and Anita Mary Luchessa

Edward Kemper

Aiko Koo was another of Kemper’s victims, he killed the 15-year-old, slept with her corpse, and dismembered her body.

Edward Kemper

In 1973 Kemper killed Cindy Schall and performed the same rites he performed on the other women he killed.

Kemper killed his mother on the 20th of April 1973. After she got back from a party, Kemper approached his mother but she was not in the mood to argue with him.

When she was asleep he grabbed a claw hammer and hit her severally with it, he decapitated her head and had oral Sex with her head. He then invited his mother’s bear friend to dinner and afterward he strangled her.

Kemper gets arrested for the murder of 8 women.

Edward Kemper

Kemper was arrested and it was said he tried to commit suicide twice while in police custody.

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