Stop monitoring me, Nengi tells Ozo

Nengi has told Ozo to let her do whatever she feels like without having to answer questions from him.

Nengi said she’s beginning to get upset by Ozo’s inquisition towards her actions in the House.

She bore her mind to Ozo during a discussion on Sunday night.

The former beauty queen told Ozo to stop assuming there’s an issue between them whenever she wants to be by herself.

“I have told you if I want to do something, leave me.

“Anytime I want to do something and you keep telling me to stay here or do this or that it gets me upset and I don’t want to get upset with you.

Stop monitoring me, Nengi tells Ozo

“Stop making it look like everything is always about you.

“Anytime I get upset you think it’s about you or that I am angry at you and that’s not supposed to be.

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“Just let me do what I want to do anytime I want to do it and stop always insinuating that we have issues whenever my mood changes,” she said.

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