The Importance and Uses of a Towel Rack

A towel rack is a device or something used to hold a towel. Towers racks are used to hang towels after use so that air can pass over them freely. One of the reasons for a towel rack to dry your towels after use i.e after bath means you will not need to wash them regularly.

They help to lessen the washy of the towel often, i.e towel racks help to reduce laundry load because you can go up to a week or more without necessary washy the towels, you just need to do is to spread or dry them
properly on the towel rack.

Towel racks allow the towel to dry and not become moldy; there, are some towel racks that can be folded towel racks come in so many different types, shapes, and styles which are most commonly used in North American households.

The most common and rampant type of towel rack is the towel bar. A towel bar is just simply a rod that has hold roughly two and a half inches from a wall by post attached to the wall.

They are capable of holding either hand towels or bath towels but depending on their styles. Then another type of towel is a standing towel rack, the function and what a standing towel rack is used for is mostly for holding large towels.

They are primarily used for the large towels which are mostly found in the bathroom or next to a swimming pool.

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Towel bars cannot be attached to anything and cannot be moved as needed but a standing towel rack can be attached to anything and can be moved from its normal standing position as needed.

They also come in different bars and they can hold multiple bath towels, while others are just made out of hooks which may likely not be able to hold multiple bath towels.

As we advance, we also have what is called a countertop rack designed specifically for hand towels.

They normally use to look like miniature standing towel racks. They are most likely to be found on bathroom or kitchen countertops towel ladder is also a type of towel rack that looks like a section of a climbing ladder i.e it has steps like that of a ladder just like its name implies.

They are also designed to hold multiple towels which are placed at the different sections i.e one on each rung, towel ladders are usually angled outward so that the towels that are hung above do not drip of these that are below.

They either stand-alone or attached towels, also a towel shelf is another type of towel rack which is usually a combination of the towel bar and storage shelf, one good and interesting thing about the towel shelf is that folded towels can be hung or placed on the shelf aspect and after use, the towel can then been hung from a towel bar that has been attached below the shelf.

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If you have a shelf placed above a towel bar, it is still the same thing as a towel shelf just that both the towel shelf and the towel bar are now combined into the same on it. But still, used for the same purpose i.e towel racks use for hanging or placing towels after or before use, other towel racks such as hinged towel racks which have arms that can be pulled out to hold towels also exist, those hands can be tucked or put to the side when not in use.

Over the door towel bars or holders are what we see as towel bars, towel hooks, and towel ladders that are not fixed to a wall but instead have brackets that can put over a door harder (over the door towel rack) to hold them well and in place.

Types of Towel Racks

The Importance and Uses of a Towel Rack
Towel rack bathroom

Towel warmers can also be classified as towel racks that have inbuilt heaters in them to try wet towels just as talked about above, the following are the types of towel racks.

– Towel bar

– Towel shelf

– Towel warmer

– Over the door towel holder or racks

– Countertop towel rack

– Towel ladder

– Freestanding towel rack

– Towel hooks or towel rings

– Pool towel rack e.t.c

Towel racks and other towel hardware should be conveniently placed and located near each sink and bath fixture. An over-the-door towel racks us the easiest way to add towel drying space.

It is a metal frame that hangs over the top of the door with bars that hangs down on the inside of the door to hold towels.

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Adding a towel rack or hooks to the back of the bathroom door normally offers you more helps which keep the towel out of the way because it is different to place towel bars to dry all the damp towels in racks or towel bars can be attached to the back of a bathroom door.

The bar can be placed at separate heights to make use of the spaces. You are advised to always measure the width of your bathroom or kitchen door before buying the towel rack or towel bar to ensure they will fit.

The following are places you can hang wet towels most especially in small bathrooms.

– Towel rings and bar

– Baskets are a practical option

– Hang them on a hook

– Find over-the-shower towel racks

– Wasted space below the sink

– Utilize the space above your toilet

– Get a towel warmer

In conclusion, a towel rack is an excellent option in large bathrooms simply because it gives you enough support and space to hang your towels.

Then a towel ring should be a better option if you have a small bathroom. If you have easy access to your towel to dry your hands.

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