Video: Paraglider ‘Kelvin Philip’ escapes death as he almost crashed due to parachute failure

Kevin Philipp is lucky to be alive when his glider lines became entangled while descending to the ground – just in time for his rescue parachute to inflate just one second before impact!

The entire life-threatening experience was captured on camera.

Philipp posted the terrifying video on Monday… it shows him paragliding thousands of feet in the air when his lines become tangled. Quite twisted.

KP, an aerobatic paraglider (imagine insane maneuvers beneath a giant glider), attempted valiantly to straighten out the lines, but it was futile.

Philipp appeared to have tried to deploy his reserve chute, but it also did not open.

Then, about a second before the impact, Kevin ripped the bag containing the rescue chute, which then opened… most likely saving his life and avoiding serious injury.

“Oh my goodness!” Philipp yells after crashing into a little tree.

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