Why I choose Laycon as Deputy HOH, TrikyTee

Current Head of House Trickytee has revealed why he choose Laycon his Deputy Head of House.

Trickytee, who emerged the HOH for the first time, choose Laycon as his deputy in their eighth week in the House.

Speaking on why Trickytee choose Laycon, Trickytee said he did so because he knew no female in the House would have chosen him if they had won.

Trickytee also added that God revealed Laycon to him while he was praying for whom to choose.

Why I choose Laycon as Deputy HOH, TrikyTee

Trikytee to Laycon: “I did not even think to pick any female because if they win they would not pick me as deputy.

“I Trikytee prayed and God revealed your name Laycon.”

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