7 Tips for Traveling with your Technologies for Easy Movement

Technologies has become a part of our everyday activities both for personal and official use thereby making them part of the things we can’t possibly do without or travel without them because we will definitely need them regardless of the location we are traveling to.

Traveling which can easily be defined as the movement of someone or group of people from one location to another is one motivation for people to get jobs that they can do online. Unfortunately, this means having to carry around a lot of technologies.

This is why today we will be discussing about the 7 tips for traveling with your technologies and without wasting much of our time, let’s go straight to the topic of the day.

Below are 7 tips to help your next travel smoother even with the entire technologies (Techs) you have:

1) Get a portable hard drive

If you ask anyone if they have a portable hard drive, most of them would probably say yes. We have been accustomed to working through the Cloud, from creating documents, spreadsheets, or even storing our photos we forget that it isn’t as reliable of storage space as a physical drive.

There is a ton of news about widespread hacking and it makes many people think of a more reliable place to store important files. What’s great about hard drives is they are small and compact, light enough to be carried around on a shoulder bag or overnight bag.

2) You will need a cable organizer

Let’s face it, we live in a very digital community. Almost all aspects of our daily lives have some form of digitization which means we rely a little too much on our gadgets like our smartphones, tablets, laptops for even the most basic things.

We use it to take pictures, scan documents, update spreadsheets, or use it for video conferencing. All this to say is many of us had to contend with a lot of wires and cables.

As a traveler, you need to be organized in even the smallest of details which is why a reliable cable organizer should be close by at all times.

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3) Find a good universal power adapter

Many of our travelers, be it for work or leisure, takes us to wonderful places with strange cultures, languages, and customs. For the most part, this is what makes traveling exciting and everyone’s idealized life.

Some differences, like that of power sockets, strike others as something of an annoyance. Many have come to anticipate this and invest in a good power adapter. Like everything else on this list, this is a small and inexpensive investment especially for travelers young and old.

4) Invest in an anti-theft backpack

Backpacks have become in vogue once again. They’ve slowly replaced the impractical briefcases that our forefathers used in containing their daily essentials. A backpack can fit more, especially gadgets.

They free up our hands to do other things, and they can be comfortably carried for long periods of time. The only advantage is they are prone to theft. Innovations in bag design have incorporated new methods to keep the backpack theft-proof. The material can’t be slashed and its zipper is harder to open.

5) Travel insurance is a must

Travel insurance has become quite affordable. Some are even down to only a couple of dollars. These cover a lot of things from refunds to re-bookings which can often be a hassle without travel insurance.

It might also even cover lost valuables or equipment during your travels. Make sure you read the fine print of the deal. Check that it covers your laptop, mobile phone, tablets, cameras, etc.

6) Use offline apps

Every traveler knows that using offline apps is better than relying on an internet connection. It makes traveling a lot more efficient. For example, it’s far easier to use a downloaded map app than Google maps that need at least a cellular connection to work.

There are also language translation apps you can download for free to make communication between locals easier. Better yet, you can use a GPS tracker since they come with their own maps app.

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7) Don’t trust public WiFi’s

This goes without saying that as travelers, we should pay a little more attention to threats of hacking or phishing especially since most of these occur when we are using public WiFi who has very little, if at all, security protection.

Avoid connecting it to your main computer. Instead, use your phone or tablet if you need to. But keep in mind not to store anything important on your or tablet. For example, document scans or screenshots of IDs. Instead, keep this in a secure yet discreet flash drive you can carry around.

Doy have any further questions or contributions regarding the above explained tips for traveling with your technologies? if so then kindly feel free to use the comment box below for all your questions contributions or even answers to some other questions asked within the comment section.

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Contributed by: Eliza Brooks

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