Brazil president Jair Bolsonaro admitted to hospital

Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro has been admitted to the hospital with abdominal pain, his doctor Antonio Luiz Macedo told the news website UOL from the Bahamas.

He was taken to the Vila Nova Star hospital in the south of Sao Paulo on Monday, January 3.

UOL quoted Dr Macedo as saying that the president shall undergo more tests “to find out what is in the abdomen. We still don’t know, but it could be caused, for example, by poorly chewed food, among other factors.”

He also said that the suspicion, for now, is of a new intestinal obstruction — technically called “intestinal subocclusion.

Shortly after, Bolsonaro said in a Twitter post that his doctors were evaluating potential surgery on his intestine, adding that he was using a nasogastric tube.

Brazil president Jair Bolsonaro admitted to hospital

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