Bull attacks woman on popular Mexico beach while helpless beachgoers watched (video)

Terrifying video captured the moment a woman was repeatedly gored by a wild bull on a popular beach in Mexico.

 The incident occurred on La Fortuna beach in Los Cabos, Baja California Sur on Saturday, May 11.

In the footage, posted to social media by a local radio station, the tourist was seen attempting to gather her belongings from the floor after the bull approached and started rummaging among her things.

Bystanders desperately warned her to get away from the horned animal moments before the attack.

“Lady, you are really playing with it right now. Please don’t do that! Please!” a man could be heard yelling in English, as the woman kept trying to retrieve her bags from the bull as the animal kept knocking the bags out of her hand.

“F**cking moron!” a second man screamed, as the woman stood helplessly just a few feet away from the bull, which continued inspecting her things that had been dropped on the sand.

As she made one last attempt to grab one of her bags, the bull suddenly turned on her, throwing her to the ground. For about 20 agonizing seconds, the beast continued rolling her on the sand with its horns, until another bystander stepped in with a bucket of water to distract it. 

Bull attacks woman on popular Mexico beach while helpless beachgoers watched (video)

The animal finally began to walk away from the woman, who was last seen crumpled on the ground. 

Bull attacks woman on popular Mexico beach while helpless beachgoers watched (video)

Víctor Manuel Torres García, operational coordinator of the Los Cabos Federal Maritime-Terrestrial Zone, told the local newspaper El Sudcaliforniano that there are no permanent employees that patrol the area, and that they aren’t aware of the extent of the woman’s injuries.

However, he did add that livestock turning up on that part of the coast isn’t unusual due to ranches nearby the beach, and that it’s also common to see donkeys wandering on the beaches. 

Officials ask that tourists don’t feel the animals, as Torres García explains, “in order to prevent a situation similar to that of the bull attack from happening, because a donkey can bite a person.” 

Watch the video of the attack below

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