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Rare Facts and Health Benefits of Onions you never knew

Onions have great nutritional benefits which include; rich in antioxidants, reduces the risk of cataracts, fights against cancer, improves digestion, helps to stimulate the immune system, lowers blood sugar level, it enhances the brain, boost energy, relieves earache, nourishes the skin, treatment of acne and pimples.

Onions are much more than most people think it is because it contains nutrients which are beneficial to health either when consumed raw or used in cooking.

Below are the Benefits Derived from Onions

(1) Rich in Antioxidants

Rare Facts and Health Benefits of Onions you never knew

Onions contain an antioxidant known as quercetin which eliminates the chances of inflammation and as well helps in preventing the body cells from damaging due to too much oxidation processes.

(2) Helps to Stimulate the Immune System

Selenium present in onions helps to stimulate the proper functioning of the immune system and to also maintain a normal level of an immune response.

The anti-inflammatory properties of onions make it good for the respiratory system as it helps in the prevention and treatment of colds, asthma, pneumonia and other respiratory issues.

Onions contain polyphenols that act as antioxidants that protect the body from free radicals so as to maintain a strong immune system.

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(3) Lowers Blood Sugar Level

Onion is an effective ingredient that lowers the level of blood sugar in the body, this is so because it contains what is called Allyl Propyl Disulfide which may help to increase the insulin amount in the body by decreasing the glucose levels.

A study on onion clear shown that eating red onions can help in reducing the risk of getting Type 1 & 2 diabetes due to its ability to lower the level of glucose within 4 hours.

(4) Enhances the Brain

A Sulfur compound found in onions helps to increase memory impairment, therefore enhancing brain memory and overall health.

(5) Boost Energy

The dietary fiber in onions slows digestion and keeps the energy levels active. It helps to increase the bulk stool due to adequate digestion thereby preventing the risk of constipation.

(6) Relieves Ear Ache

Although not scientifically proven, Onion juice helps to cure health problems by heating it up in the oven and squeezing out the juice, then add a few drops to the infected ear.

Onion juice is great medicine for curing ear ailments that many people aren’t aware of.

(6) Nourishes the Skin

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Onions are richly endowed with nutrients such as Vitamin A, C, and E, all of which promotes skin health. These vitamins protect the skin from free radicals and bacteria that causes premature aging.

Studies indicate that vitamin C helps to keeps the skin glowing and radiating.

This antioxidant also fights against the damages caused by the harmful ultraviolet rays on the skin and keeps it wrinkle-free.

It protects the skin and leaves it radiating and soft.

Also applying fresh onion juice to the skin helps to boost blood circulation in the body and as well remove skin impurities due to the richness of phytonutrients and antioxidants.

(7) Beneficial for Stronger Hair Growth

Onion Juice is beneficial for hair growth due to its rich content of sulfur and keratin.

This sulfur helps to stimulate collagen which promotes stronger hair growth and treating dandruff by killing the bacteria that causes the growth of dandruff.

Apply fresh onion juice on the hair and scalp basically for about 10 to 15 minutes and rinse with a shampoo and lukewarm water, it helps to increase blood supply to the hair follicles which helps to thicken the hair.

Fresh Onion juice also serves as a hair conditioner and scalp infection treatment, but in some cases where the smell of onion makes you uncomfortable, try to replace them with garlic as that also works well for hair growth.

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