How to Grow your Business with Customer Feedback

Some business owners or their representatives get really angry when a customer is nagging and complaining bitterly about their products or services without even realizing that the customer is actually giving them a wonderful opportunity to grow and expand their business when the complain is being viewed from a brighter side.

Not everybody has the courage to speak up most times as some people will rather prefer to ignore the issue, they will never raise or complain about it and at the same time will never return to there to buy from you or transact any business of any kind with you ever again without even letting you be aware of what went wrong.

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Some of such customers even go as far as confiding with their friends about the issue and advising them not to patronize you or allow anyone they know to patronize you due to one mistake that could have been corrected only if the customer was able to voice out to the real business owner about the issue thereby chasing customers away from your business.

When one customer is not satisfied and confides with a friend about the problem, the friend also takes it to his/her own friend, the friends friend takes the same issue to his/her own friend and before you know it everyone is aware that your products or services is not good enough or of a good quality.

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The same way when one customer is satisfied and returns to your business with more customers to patronize your business through referral, that is also how the customer’s dissatisfaction will spread and prevent your potential customers from coming to you.

Meanwhile all these issues simply revolves around one thing which in my own term will call “Misunderstanding” because if the customer informed the business owner about his/her dissatisfaction then the business owner could have resolved the issue and apologize to the customer and without taking sides, there is also a possibility that the customer might be afraid of the reaction from the business owner if he/she had informed them about the issue.

Now let us take this scenario for example: If a customer returns to your business location and starts shouting and ranting all over your office/shop over a spoiled product that he/she bought from you, maybe the person have even already gone home with the said product and spent some days with it before returning with that complain. How will you feel as the business owner and how will you handle such issue?

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Every business owner must understand that your customers are the right group of people to get your feedback’s from and they will tell you exactly what the truth is without trying to make you feel better or hurt.

Therefore you must be open to criticisms as every feedback you will hear from them will not be all that good, thou some may be good but some may also be against what you want to hear.

The truth is even that those ones you feel are the bad feedback’s you didn’t wish to hear are actually the best ones you should hear to enable you point out your mistakes and correct them in order to enhance your business.

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They are your consumers, therefore they are informing you about what exactly is expected from you and your dream business to the population and not what you want to happen to your business to the people. So you must listen to their own opinion and even appreciate them for speaking up and telling you the truth rather than keeping it away from you and deciding to spoil your business for you behind your back.

Amazing Tips for your Business Growth:

How to Grow your Business with Customer Feedback
How to Grow your Business with Customer Feedback

I want to encourage every business owner out there especially start-ups and small business owners to understand and try to follow the following methods below to grow their business with customer feedback:

  • Your customers are the key to the success or downfall of your business, therefore treat them nicely and always appreciate them even when they are at fault so that they can go out there and advertise your business for you among their loved ones and even if they don’t remember you for your quality products and services, they will remember you for your exceptional customer relationship skills.
  • Always ensure that your business provides quality products or services as an edge over your competitors out there.
  • No matter the reaction of your customer, never raise your voice back at them because just as the popular saying goes “A customer is always right”. The funniest part is that the customer will only pick up your reaction, forgetting that it was he/she that triggered the action and words will spread.
  • As a business owner, you have to understand that no one is perfect, not even you. Therefore, your customers are also in a better position to influence your decisions by informing you of what they feel will be the best for them through their feedback’s
  • In fact, I will even suggest that as a business owner, you should be the one requesting for the customer feedback’s yourself and encourage them not to tell you lies to patronize you or cover up the bitter truth away from you and endure that you take whatever corrections, suggestions or ideas you get from them very serious as it will enhance the growth of your business.

Do not scare away your customers by giving them the impression that they cannot open up to you and share their views with you rather encourage them and make them understand that they are also welcome to share their own opinions or dissatisfaction with you as you accept that you don’t know it all and you are open to learn more, enhance and perform better in order to serve them better. Their opinions will serve as a great insight for you.

Try to meet your customers needs and satisfy their demands with a cheerful and grateful smile knowing that they feel comfortable enough to confide in you to tell you the truth.

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